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When you walk into a shop with these safety signs by each machine or work area, it gives you a feeling that a Safety Program is in operation.
Join others in hundreds of school shops and industries across the nation now using our signs to promote  safety.

Signs are professionally printed with large type on heavy card stock and laminated for durability.

Our safety signs help you meet OSHA standards!

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Rules at Machines  We are the originator and sole manufacturer of these unique safety rules by each machine.  Help prevent injuries and lawsuits! 

Laminated on Heavy Cover Stock -- Yellow & Black

20 Different Signs Available

1.Circular Saw            11.Drill Press                    2.Jointer                       12.Grinder                         3.Jig Saw                      13.Gas Welding            4.Band Saw                   14.Electric Welding    5.Wood Lathe               15.Metal Lathe             6.Radial Arm Saw        16.Milling Machine      7.Disc or Belt Sander 17.Vert. Band Saw  8.Surfacer                     18.Surface Grinder        9.Uniplane                     19.Metal Shaper        10.Wood Shaper           20.Horiz. BandSaw             

Two Sizes:   6"x 8" at   $3.00   and   8"x11" at  $4.00  Scroll down for ordering information.

Use Our "Stick-On" Safety Signs           

Help Avoid Accidents  -- Place these Self-Sticking Signs at Dangerous or Critical Locations

     Durable Vinyl "Peel-Offs"

 #D-1, D-2, D-3, D-4. . .  3 1/2" x 8 1/2". . . $3.00                                         $6.00 each 

Yellow & Black "Stick-Ons"       "On-The-Spot" Safety Reminders!  Bright, Vinyl "Self-Adhesive" Signs

# C-1 - C-15  . . .  3 1/2" x  8 1/2" . . .  $3.00 each     Scroll down for ordering information. 

Improve your Safety Program with  our "Special" Signs      Help Prevent Accidents!    

Bright Yellow & Black Laminated on Heavy Cover Stock 

Two Sizes:  6"x 8" at  $3.00  and  8"x 11" at  $4.00 each

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